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Hello. Welcome to the homepage of detroitreview.com. Feel free to look around the site.

I also have a Thumbtack webpage: Thumbtack: Computers

Andrew Baron
Me - Dressed Up

*Full name: Andrew Michael Baron
*Birth-date: June 15, 1991
*Birth-place: Farmington Hills, Michigan (Botsford Hospital)
*City I grew up in: Livonia, Michigan
*City I currently reside: Detroit, Michigan
*Highest level of education: Associates Degree (Henry Ford Community College)
*Employment status: currently working in freelance (landscaping, general laborer/concrete, painting, and mowing)
*Favorite color: brown
*Favorite sport: hockey
*Favorite food: Mexican
*Favorite game console: PlayStation 3
*Hobbies: video games, play sports, weight lift, running, gambling (at casino), martial arts, and surfing the Internet
*Social media accounts: YouTube, LinkedIn, and DeviantArt