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This is the website to obtain more information about Detroit and its wonderful features. This website also includes my personal achievements (education, work, and other). This website was made by Andrew Baron.

Social Media

I have 3 social media accounts: YouTube, LinkedIn, and DeviantArt.


I also have 2 different email accounts to contact me (personal, and work).
*Personal: ambgoalie313@hotmail.com
*Work: andrew.m.baron@outlook.com


I have a resume that I made since college. Here's the link: RESUME.


Life TREX Certificate of Completion
My Certficate of Completion for the Life TREX program at the Fowler Center (Summer 2015).

Background Check/Criminal Record

*Misdemeanors: None.
*Felonies: None.
No misdemeanors or felonies, but was a victim of one crime (armed robbery).
*Police report of armed robbery (as victim): VICTIM REPORT